California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Initial Studies

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that all CA state and local government agencies consider the environmental consequences of projects over which they have discretionary authority before acting on those projects. 


California Code of Regulations Title 14 § 15000 et seq.,

Buildaberg conducts Initial Studies and writes Mitigated Negative Declarations to help speed up the public review process for our client’s project proposals. Our reports are public information and seek to describe the proposed project, the existing environmental setting at the project site, and potential environmental impacts of construction and operation of the proposed project.
They are intended to inform the public and decision-makers of the proposed project's potential environmental impacts and to document the lead agency's compliance with CEQA and the State CEQA Guidelines.
An Initial Study is a public document used by the decision-making lead agency to determine whether a project may have a significant impact on the environment. If the agency finds that the proposed project may have a significant impact on the environment, but that these impacts will be reduced to a less than significant level through revisions to the project and/or implementation of specific mitigation measures, a Mitigated Negative Declaration shall be prepared.
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